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It is pro- I duced with dvejetainių demo purkštukų galimybės tongue tensely stretched in a mid-frontal posi- tion, a little lower than in the production of i.

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The tip of the tongue is behind the upper Fig. The muscles of the tongue and of the jaw which is slightly lowered are tense. The lips are lax. See Fig. This y W I is produced with the tongue arched high in the front of the mouth towards the frontal part of the palate.

The lips are lax and almost closed. Examples: yra 'is', ivadas 'intro- duction', Istrizas 'diagonal', tyla 'silence', yre 'he rowed'. It is somewhat - I similar to the oo in English I I I door, but without the charac- teristic lowering before the r.

It is produced with the tongue stretched in a mid-rear position. The lips are rounded and pro- Fig. The u of Eng- lish truth or orthographic oo in English school, pool represent a sound very similar to that of Lithuanian u.

It is produced with the tongue arched high in the back of the mouth and the tip Fig. The lips are very protruded and rounded.

In syllables where the i stands before a, q, o, n, u, 'If, this i is not pronounced at all; it merely denotes that the preceding con- 7 sonant is palatalized, or soft, i.

Noteworthy in this connection is the fact that orthographic ia, iq, iai, iau etc. In words like brolio 'brother's' the i is not pronounced at all, but merely shows that the pre- ceding l is palatalized.

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In liutas 'lion' the same thing is true. For further details on the palatalization of consonants see section B Consonants.

In some foreign words which have been taken into Lithu- anian recently the above does not hold true. In most of these words if the i occurs after a consonant and before a vowel it is pronounced as a short i: Thus biologija is syllabified bi-o-lo-gi-ja, biologas as bi-o-la-gas, sociologas as so-ci-o-lo-gas, etc.

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Diphthongs The so-called 'pure diphthongs' consist of two vowels and are the following: ai, au, ei, ie, ui, uo. Each of these can be stressed or unstressed.

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As with the long vowels, if stressed they can have either the circumflex intonation - on the second vowel, or the acute intonation ' on the first vowel. A diphthong with the acute intonation will have a heavier stress on the initial element and the initial element will be held longer than the second ele- ment.

J Book. Akyžagumas, -o, sm. Aklaitis, -čio, sm. Aklybė, -ės, sf.

Just the reverse is true for a diphthong with the circum- flex intonation. Still the im- pression is that the ai is much shorter than cii and that even the i is shorter in ai than in cii. If ai is unstressed then it is pronounced more like a circumflex ai than an acute ai.

Thus in vaikai 'children' the first ai is pronounced much like the second ai, but with less amplitude. Examples: cii 'ouch', kaimas 'village', aiskinti 'to explain', ai 'oh', la'ikas 'time', vaikas 'child', raida 'development', gaivinti 'to re- vive'.

Un- stressed au sounds like au rather than au, but the unstressed syl- lable has less amplitude than the stressed. Examples: ciugti 'to grow', sciule 'sun', lciukti 'to wait', plaukti 'to swim'' saukti 'to call'' raud6nas 'red'' lauke loc.

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It is some- what similar to the North German ei in beide. It can be produced by saying the a in English ban and then adding a very quick 'y' off-glide at the end of the a. An unstressed ei is more like ei although, of course, with less amplitude than ei. Examples: meile 'love', leisti 'to let', veidas 'face' peilis 'knife', eiti 'to go', keisti 'to change'.

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There is no sharp break between the i and the e and the end of the diphthong is very open. When this diphthong occurs in initial position, there is a tendency in modern Lithu- anian to pronounce it as though there were a j in front of it: ies- koti ignis coin market cap hunt for' is pronounced as jie8k6ti, ietis 'spear' as jietis etc.

Some Lithuanians write these words as jiesk6ti, jietis, etc. Examples: diena 'day', rieke 'slice', pienas 'milk', pieva 'meadow', kiek 'how much', pietus 'South; dinner", tiekti 'to deliver', piesti 'to draw'.

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As ui which, however, is relatively rare it sounds something like a very rapidly pronounced phooey or Louie. Examples: puikus 'excellent', buitis 'being', puikiai 'excellently', muilas 'soap', muitas 'custom, toll', uitena 'man whom everybody dislikes', muistyti 'to shake one's head'.

In some foreign borrow- ings when the i is stressed the u and i are pronounced separately, i. There is no sharp break between the u and the o and the end of the diphthong is really a schwa vowel usually written ai.

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This diphthong can perhaps be com- pared to the uo of Italian buono, etc. Examples: uogciuti 'to pick berries', uodega 'tail', uoga 'berry', uostas 'harbor', sesuo 'sister', ruduo 'autumn'.

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Mixed Diphthongs Diphthongs in which the possible initial elements a, e, i or u are followed by l, m, n or r are known as mixed diphthongs.

The second element may be called a sonorant, continuant or semi- vowel.

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In the mixed diphthongs as in the pure diphthongs either the first or the second element may be stressed. If the second element is stressed the - will be written over the l, m, n or r.

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If the first element is stressed the ' is written over the letters a and e, but is used over the letters u and i. If the second element is stressed it is held longer than the first element. If the first element is stressed it is pronounced with ignis coin market cap amplitude and held longer than the second element. Thus, for example, in cil the a is louder and held longer than the l; in ai on the other hand the l is held longer than the a.

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Examples: vcilgyti 'to eat', kcim 'to whom', antis 'duck', kcirtis 'pole'; kaltas 'guilty', kampas 'corner', antis 'bosom', kaftis 'bitter- ness'; delnas 'palm of the hand ', pempe 'peewit, lapwing', senti 'to grow old', perduoti 'to hand over'; pelnas 'profit', tempia 'he pulls', studeiitas 'student', per 'through'; tiltas 'bridge', timpteleti 'to pull', tinti 'to swell', tirti 'to investigate'; tilpti 'to fit into', imti 'to take', tiiikamas 'fitting', if 'and'; pulsas 'pulse', kumStis 'fist', uncija 'ounce', urn a 'urn'; pulkas 'regiment', trump as 'short', tuiika 'he is getting fat', turkas 'Turk'.

Another important difference is that all Lithuanian conso- nants except the j which is sometimes called a semi-vowel exist in two varieties, palatalized or soft and unpalatalized or hard.

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In the articulation of pal3talizecl consonants the middle of the 10 tongue is raised towards the top of the mouth. To the American ear the effect is that of a y-sound following the consonant, but this is not the case as far as the articulation is concerned.

The y- sound must be made simultaneously with the consonant.


Consonants are always palatalized before the front vowels i, i, y, e, ~ and ealso before the diphthong ie. Before the vowel letters ignis coin market cap, q, o, u, 'If and u, the i is used to denote palatalization of the preceding consonants. See also Ac. Phonetically the palatalization ignis coin market cap consonants before back vowels is stronger than that before front vowels.

Thus in the word niurna 'grumbler' the palatalization of the initial n is much more striking than the palatalization of the initial n in the word ne 'no, not'. Voiced Stops b, d, g b strongly voiced unaspirated b; similar to the English b. Unpalatalized: Palatalized:.