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Apart from that brilliant game buy it if you like the look of it I guess! It takes your game currency and stunts progress. The game is very geared towards getting you to spend cash to play, you only get higher scores if you pay! The items are really expensive in game currency and when you submit a look it takes between 4 - 9.

Over 9 hours!!!

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I think the voting is really random too. Sometimes you can meet all the criteria and not get much from it.

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I would advise people to avoid. Developer ResponseHi, sorry nse aktyviausios akcijų opcionai hear that.

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Sometimes the Support team needs to get the confirmation whether you still experience the issue or not as it could be fixed in the general update that was released recently at the moment the last update was posted on the 23rd of July. Best trend coins you have the latest update and still unfortunately have that issue in the game then your case continues to be under investigation and solving process.

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Our tech. Support team will get back to you again as soon as they have any new info or a solution about your case. Sorry for your inconvenience. This game was ok, I was climbing up levels until one day I was excited to play, and I pressed the app to open it. I was just about to play when it jumped back out and onto the home screen!

So I waited until the next day, hoping it was just a minor problem, like a one off. Alas I was wrong there. I came back on again the next day, as eager and exited as I was the previous morning.

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Then when I went on, it stared giving me a lecture on how to use it, and put me back on level one! I was soo sad and frustrated, so of course I deleted the app. A few weeks later, I stared missing the app. So I decided to try it out and see if it had been fixed.


Of course I understand that when you delete an app it deletes its data, so I expected the lecture and level one. When I had finished level five once again though, I cam back on and it said: Update in progress.

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Best trend coins not leave the game. I waited and waited for around twenty minutes, and there was no progress in the update whatsoever.

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So I came out of the game, and deleted it once more. I am really disappointed. This was such a good game until the glitch!

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Thank you.