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    While growing up with Harry Potter, studying in the UK has always been my childhood dream. I had many concerns and questions before going to the exchange due to the current situation in the world however, I am very glad that I did.

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    Worcester is a beautiful historical city that locates in central England. At Worcester University, we had both- online lectures and face-to-face seminars for 3 months before everything moved online.

    In university there are many opportunities for students to join different societies, sports clubs, and associations.

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    Besides from university modules, we had workshops and trainings which allowed us to acquire knowledge on business quick exchange, marketing, entrepreneurship, and improve our soft skills. The experience has been a little different and unusual, yet, Worcester University has continued to show their best support and organized many quick exchange activities to engage with new students.

    Moreover, I was also able to visit and explore other cities in the surrounding and learn more about British culture, history, and traditions.

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    I believe this exchange experience had an important impact on my personal growth and I am very grateful to Vilnius University Business School for this unique opportunity. Studying one semester there, I obtained the valuable insights about innovations, technologies and was immersed in sales activities and business internationalization processes. The international environment is the key to future networking and business opportunities.

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    Such kind of experience ensures the enormous benefits for future career prospects and personal development.