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Close costs Your essential guide to inventory control As your small to mid-sized business grows, you may find your e-commerce, logistics, and stock becoming more complicated. This is where inventory control comes in.

What is inventory control?

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Customers typically will not wait for backorders or products with extended ship times, they will simply look to your competitors to fill their orders. It provides: Quality control. Track and manage all aspects of your stock, including quality, to ensure pieces are rotated through your warehouse. Organizational control.

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Keeping an accurate record of your inventory is vital for managing your assets, especially in audits. Knowing your product quantities allows you to know how much of your product is being lost, destroyed, or spoiled and understand the value of your business.

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Precise inventory tracking means orders are filled quickly and accurately, with increased efficiency and productivity, while offering business owners more time, money, and returning customers—with product all coming from an organized warehouse or stock room. But to track your inventory, you must understand the basic nuances of control and management.

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Inventory control vs. It paslėptos apimties prekybos sistema you always have the right inventory in place, in at the right time, and with the right number of products.

Known as fixed asset accountingkeeping a ledger of all fixed assets used to create your product—but not actually a part of your revenue stream—helps in illuminating all hidden costs in the production process.


Warehouse management ensures your inventory is well organized across all storage locations. When inventory is easy to find and stored to optimize space your people can pick and ship customer orders faster. These are all integral parts of your business: Inventory control focuses on the present while fixed assets and inventory management paint the picture of your future.

How to start your inventory control system To find the right system, you must understand the wants and needs of your company.

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Start by asking three questions: What types of products and quantities do I need to track? What features do I need to manage my inventory?

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Do you have stock in multiple warehouses or just one stock room? Will you need to integrate additional digital business paslėptos apimties prekybos sistema, and how will that affect your business? Taking note of current and future possibilities sets yourself up for having an inventory control system that will last for more than a year or two.

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What is my budget for inventory control software? Compare those costs to how much time and effort it will take to complete projects, as well as your estimated return on investment ROI from reduced man-hours, carrying costs, and estimated increase in customers.

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You always want to make sure your business is at the top of its game. ERP as an all-in-one solution In your quest to make sure you keep a competitive edge, a similar resource that might come up in your search for inventory control solutions is enterprise resource planning ERP.

ERP allows leaders to manage all aspects of their business on a single platform, including not only your inventory, but other items such as your finance, planning, logistics, and operations.

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It may seem costly as well, adding additional training time and manpower for your team. Inventory software can be flexible and can integrate into many different systems, giving you the flexibility to build your processes for your organization as you see fit. Dynamics Business Central serves as an essential business solution to help optimize your operations.