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    About this book Introduction A satisfactory and healthy integration of work with other life domains is one of the key challenges of modern society.

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    This collection maps the increasingly extensive dual option download of work-life issues for professionals and discusses key aspects in depth. What is work-life integration?

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    What are the specific challenges for professionals? How do they manage their blurred work-life boundaries?

    How can companies intervene? Internationally leading authors discuss antecedents and individual and organizational outcomes of work-life integration, gender-specific perspectives and challenges as well as the use and usefulness of corporate work-life balance initiatives.

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    In five sections distinguished researchers from across the world present experiences and research findings to provide a compendium of academic and applied research on the work-life integration of professionals. Cutting-edge research and novel theoretical perspectives make this collection a source of knowledge and inspiration for academic and business audiences interested in work-life integration issues in general and in the case of professionals in particular.

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