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Forex bank valiuta, Forex rinka, valiutų birža ir jos dalyviai Turinys Spausdinti Labiausiai pasaulyje prekiaujama valiutų pora Pixabay nuotr. Taip, tai yra EUR USD valiutų pora, bet kodėl ji tokia, kokius privalumus ji suteikia, lyginant su kitomis valiutų poromis? Remiantis m. BIS angl. Būtent todėl beveik visame pasaulyje galite turėti USD arba EUR ir galėsite sumokėti už pirkinius ar paslaugas arba iškeisti į vietos pinigus.

Prior to that, Airidas co-founded and developed a FinTech venture, specialising in loyalty and mobile payments. He spent over 11 years in banking sector where he held senior roles including Head of Cash Management for Transaction banking. Akvilė Bosaitė is a recommended expert in finance law by international law firm directories. During her legal practice, Akvilė Bosaitė has led a number of the largest financing, investment funds, capital markets and mergers and acquisitions projects both in Hd akcijų pasirinkimo sandoriai and foreign jurisdictions.

She acted as an adviser in numerous banking-related assignments including lending, revolut community and loan portfolio saleone of the few initial public offerings of equity and debt securities in Lithuania, structuring and formation of various funds including venture, seed and UCITS and other finance law related projects.

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Alex is a catalyst and connector, and his role at Katalista Ventures sees him connecting the dots between his passions of entrepreneurship and sustainability to help startups grow and prosper. Alex left a corporate career in finance to pursue his passion and start Katalista Ventures, revolut community hybrid startup accelerator and private equity fund which focuses on triple top line perspectives for startups.

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Sustainability had a profound impact on his worldview, so Katalista was founded with the goal of supporting startups that benefit people and the planet, as well as building capacity in the wider ecosystem. He is an experienced presenter and has spoken at TEDx.

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When not working on Katalista or other projects, Alex likes to spend time reading, traveling and experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen. Andrius is a passionate blockchain visionary and prominent business development professional with a passion for new technologies and innovations.

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Andrius btc bot nesantaika a huge experience working in large-scale innovative projects. Revolut community, as a market professional, Andrius is an active participant of governmental and institutional working groups and projects setting the regulatory framework for digital assets in Lithuania and the Binarinių opcionų brokeriai lenkijoje Union.

He joined Revolut almost from the very beginning and jumped through multiple positions in the company, from business development, managing the Baltic region and then globally to the Global Head of People.

Andrius recently joined the management of Revolut Bank and is now responsible for banking operations and expansion in Europe. Passionate about Fintech and how financial institutions can grow and scale faster, Anton joined Forbis inand oversaw the creation of Fininbox, which deliver core banking Software as a Service to Neobanks, Revolut community, credit unions and other financial institutions who value ease of setup and agility.

An active member of FintechLT Infobalt association, you can find Anton participating at revolut community work groups, initiatives or representing Forbis group at different FinTech events worldwide.

Revolut is available in the U.S.

His vision is to create a solution that will grant everyone control over their identity data and the power to manage that personal data however they want. Audrius holds various degrees in Microelectronics, Finance, and Project Management and is currently based in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Her interest in technology revolut community AML compliance resulted in the move to software sector.

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Before joining Coinfirm, she has been acting as Lead Domain Architect managing the global business architect function and defining business functionalities of KYC and AML related solutions at Pegasystems product suite. Daumantas is also a well-known advisor in the fintech scene, featuring in the Forbes 30 under 30 and was revolut community part of the Innovative Finance delegation at the World Economic Forum in Davos in Diego is also the co-founder of SMU Investments, an investment based crowdfunding platform that connects investors to promising startup companies that are fundraising through a digital platform.

He started his crypto journey back in and follows evangelistic path till now, educating people about DeFi, Blockchain utilisation and even NFTs.

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Dominykas Stankevičius Dominykas Stankevičius Investment Associate Launchpad Capital Dominykas Stankevičius is scouting, investing in and building the next fintech unicorns in the Baltics.

He connects local startups with investors and partners in the US market. Previously she worked as a lobbyist and policy and public relations consultant.

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In co-founded European Students For Liberty — a global economic education organization in Europe. He started revolut community career in the police, later working at the Special Investigation Service, with the main focus on corruption crimes investigation. She was Partner at Innopay, a Dutch strategy consultancy firm in digital transactions and worked for over 10 years in global transaction services at ABN Amro and the Royal Bank of Scotland.


Esther is a strong advocate for a diverse and inclusive financial industry with inspiring male and female role models. As such she actively promotes the positive impact of diversity on the performance of businesses revolut community digital transformation. Evaldas Bružė B. A from Baltic Management Institute, moreover, he is currently finishing studies of Psychotherapy and preparing for Economy PhD studies next year. As a professional, Evaldas has a working experience as a business development analyst and consultant, working in the service sector for more than 12 years as a consultant and manager with experience in the implementation, maintenance and support of high complexity information systems.

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