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This is no less true today, where high profile sanctions regimes have been imposed against Iran, Myanmar, Sudan, North Korea, and Zimbabwe amongst many others.

Such sanctions of course indirectly affect those outside the target jurisdictions in question, as any overseas company attempting to do business in such a country knows only too well.

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But with the imposition and tightening of sanctions imposed against certain Russian individuals, organisations and industries by countries including the United States, Japan, and the EU, the effect of sanctions on the arbitral process and its participants has shot up the agenda. In fact, in the case of the Russian sanctions, the visible impact on arbitration — the subject of this post — was amplified by the sheer number of Russian parties and foreign investors who had already agreed to contracts using 1 foreign governing law, 2 foreign seated arbitration clauses, and 3 the use of offshore companies.

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But the legal effect of sanctions can also be set out, at least in part, in their very text. Analysing this area is a central challenge for counsel, parties, and arbitrators to face once the plethora of process and procedure challenges identified below have been addressed.

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The Impact on Parties The initial impact of sanctions on parties is often easy to ascertain: directly or indirectly, the sanctions have made performance of the contract difficult, unprofitable, or impossible. A party seeking arbitration of such a dispute may be required by an arbitral institution to provide additional information beyond that normally required.

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There may also be an obligation on parties to provide information prior to submitting a request for arbitration if they have any doubts concerning the application of sanctions, in particular information: concerning the identity of the parties with additional information regarding ultimate beneficial ownership; concerning the identity of all related entities in the dispute between the parties; and additional information regarding ultimate beneficial ownership.

Where the ultimate beneficial owner or the immediate party is a designated target of sanctions, or where the party trades in military or dual-use chris trading systems llc, regulations on the freezing of assets and financial sanctions may apply.

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In addition to negatively impacting the practical ability to commence or participate in proceedings, such designated targets of sanctions may face significant practical challenges in terms of being able to attend and participate in hearings.

As noted in the recent joint chris trading systems llc issued by the ICC, LCIA and SCC on the potential impact of the EU sanctions against Russia on international arbitration administered by EU-based institutions, parties faced with this situation would need to apply to the relevant authority for one or more exemptions under the relevant regulations. The Impact on Arbitral Institutions Anecdotal evidence suggests that the time needed to comply with such requirements and for an arbitral institution to examine and address its own exposure to sanctions regimes can be significant.

Moreover, and as expressly noted by the ICC in information related to international sanctions on its website, where the services of commercial banks are required in support of arbitration, such banks may also require formal clearance by relevant authorities prior to making payments to or receiving payments from the parties, arbitrators, experts, and arbitral institution in question.

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Yet the single greatest impact of sanctions on arbitral institutions might be — as appears to be the case for Russian sanctions — potential harm done to their image as neutral, effective, and independent administrative institutions. The Impact on Tribunals Tribunals may also face concerns as to their impartiality and independence.

Akcijų pasirinkimo obligacijos Akcijų obligacijas ir pasirinkimo sandorius

A poll conducted at a recent arbitration conference in Moscow reportedly found that Russian users of international arbitration are concerned less about the arbitral institutions themselves and more about a perceived change in the attitude of European arbitrators. This appears to stem in part from a concern that arbitrators from, or resident in, countries that have imposed sanctions are more likely to take sanctions into account, even when the dispute is adjudged by the law of a non-sanctioning state or where the seat of the arbitration is located in such a state.

To the extent that arbitrators decline to act in sanctions-related disputes or disputes involving designated targets perhaps fearing personal liability under their national law or the law of the seat, which may criminalise breaches of sanctionsthe dispute resolution process will be slowed and complicated. Enforcement of Awards A final and significant challenge is the enforcement of awards, regardless of where the arbitration was seated.


Similarly, Article V 2 b of the New York Convention allows a court to refuse enforcement of an award on the basis of public policy. Therefore, if an award effectively circumvents sanctions it may well not be enforceable in a country that has imposed them.

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On the other hand, if an award is sought to be enforced in a sanctioned state, such as Russia, a court of that state may or may not set aside, or refuse to enforce, chris trading systems llc award by reference to sanctions. Tribunals are likely to be concerned by the challenges that sanctions bring and struggle to craft remedies which are both just and meaningful. To submit dailyforex free signals proposal for a blog post, please consult our Editorial Guidelines.

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